Allen Fahselt

John Paul Hickie

Lena Hartman

Norma Mitchell

Reece Barrett

Steven MacAulay

Tim Yates

The Board of Directors of Citizens All Association are amazing volunteers who are elected for two year terms. As a group they are tasked with the job of setting the strategic plan and overall direction for Citizens All. They are a Governance Board who set the policies and contractual agreements for the agency.

In all Agency business they conduct they are responsible to adhere to our Mission Statement of “Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities”. Our Board Members reflect diversity and each bring their own levels of expertise, experience and skill sets. Many of our Board Members have family members who have disabilities and all our Board Members are committed to inclusion and citizenship for all.

In all meetings and discussions the participants we serve are the foundation for all decisions. As per the following value statement the Board of Directors have high ideals and a strong vision for the future. In addition to our Values Statement, Citizens All Association Board of Directors have a number of responsibilities and a code of Ethics and Conduct they follow.


  • Acknowledge and respect the worth and dignity of every participant
  • Empower our participants to move towards independent living wherever possible and to maximize the potential of each person served;
  • Respect and respond to the needs and choices of participants and their families;
  • Value professional integrity through honesty, respect, sensitivity and professional ethics;
  • Be accountable to our participants and their families; to our staff; to the Ministry of Social Services through Community Living Service Delivery Branch and all others who have a vested interest in our organization;
  • Be an inclusive organization by developing partnerships and collaborating on common issues or concerns whenever possible;
  • Be an organization that operates with an open door policy;
  • Be reliable, realistic, innovative and pro-active.


  • Approve all policies required for the efficient and effective operation of the agency.
  • Hire, direct and evaluate the Executive Director.
  • Review and approve annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Prepare and circulate an annual report on the operation of the agency.
  • Organize and conduct an annual general meeting as required in the Bylaws.
  • Prepare an annual audited financial statement.
  • Approve all capital investments and expenditures over $1,000, except in the case of an emergency where the Executive Director would be empowered to make necessary purchases.
  • Approve all expansion, reduction or re-organization of services.
  • Approve and sign all contractual agreements undertaken.
  • Elect and/or appoint officers, replacement Board members and committees as outlined in the agency’s Bylaws.
  • Maintain accurate minutes and records of activities and decisions.
  • Receive and act upon all grievances as outlined in policy.
  • Promote Citizens All and its services on a local, regional and provincial level as required.
  • Participate in local, regional and/or provincial training, conferences and meetings on behalf of the agency as required.
  • Attend all Board and committee meetings as required, having reviewed all information to enable active and informed participation.
  • Develop and adopt a Strategic Plan.


  • As a director of the board of Citizens All, I understand:
  • That my fellow members have entrusted me, through the electoral process, with the overall administration of the agency and well-being of the participants served.
  • That directors are the advocates of the participants served and that my first and greatest concern is the best interest of each. As a director, I will advocate quality programs and services for the participants, without distinction as to who they are or what their background might be.
  • That I must never neglect my personal obligation to the agency, nor surrender these responsibilities to any other person, group or organization.
  • In view of the foregoing, I will:
  • Gain knowledge of the agency’s By-laws, the applicable provincial and federal laws and the programs/services of the agency.
  • Devote time, thought and study to the duties of a board member so that I may render effective and credible service.
  • Remember that all information regarding participants, employees and the agency is confidential.
  • Work with my fellow board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during discussions.
  • Consider information received from all sources and base my personal decision upon all available facts, un-swayed by partisan bias, and thereafter abide by the final majority of the board.
  • Work together with my fellow board members to communicate the services of the agency to the community.
  • Provide leadership to the agency through setting goals and approving policies and regularly evaluating them.
  • Remember that as an individual I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the board. This relates to relationships with employees, participants and the community.
  • Recognize that the primary function of the board is to establish policies by which the agency is to be administered, and that the administration of the programs and day to day operations shall be left to the Executive Director and his/her employees. It is the duty of the Board to have a monitoring/reporting system in place to ensure that the approved policies and procedures are followed.
  • Resist every temptation and outside pressure to use my position as a board member to benefit myself or any other individual.
  • Support the regional and provincial organizations for the benefit of the individuals with disabilities within the province of Saskatchewan.